Hong Kong Style Traveler Lockdown — Episode 2: The Anatomy of a Quarantine

A whole terminal has been transformed for passenger processing.
Waiting for COVID tests at repurposed boarding gates. A non-stigmatizing arrangement for single adults.

What happens during quarantine — the standard procedures

In case you thought about leaving our tour early…

How do I handle quarantine: the non-standard procedures

Your furniture is yours to rearrange.
Which floor you end up on is a wild card. Left: My window ledge view on the 21st floor. Right: A 6th-floor neighbor’s view, photo used anonymously with their permission.
Again, your furniture is yours to rearrange.
Keeping a schedule, with reminders and all.
The non-vegetarian meals — saved by a delivery of fruit.
Vegetarian lunches and dinners
My in-house editor



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Dr. Liane Siu Slaughter

Dr. Liane Siu Slaughter


Multinational writer, scientist, and traveler. I mix life together to see what’s real.